What is your Fair Use Policy?
This states the total amount of data that you can transfer with each Internet access code during the time it's valid. 1GB is equal to 1024MB which is in turn equal to 1024KB. As a rough guide an average MP3 track is approximately 4MB, web page 100KB and email 10KB. Streaming video can use around 600MB per hour.
How much data can I transfer with my code?
All 1stHotspot codes include a maximum data transfer allowance. For example the 1 day code includes 512MB, 3 day code 1GB, 1 week code 2GB and 30 day code 8GB.
How will this allowance affect me?
If you are a normal Internet user enjoying a mixture of email, Internet browsing and Skype you will not need to be concerned. However if you spend long periods P2P file sharing or watching BBC iPlayer then there is a good chance you will be affected. The data consumed for each program is usually shown in the iPlayer Download options.
What will happen if I exceed my allowance?
Your code will expire early. For example if you have a 30 Day Code and you transfer 8GB of data in the first 10 days your code will cut off after 10 days. This example would however represent a very high level of data transfer which would be unlikely to be reached by the average Internet user.
Fair Use Policy for Caravan Parks and Marinas
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